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    Ghost Sweeper
    After many centuries the dark lord is resurrected from his ashes, coming back to his castle… and cursing the lands all around!!
    Now many ghosts and undead wander freely haunting every place, giving to the people only one option, escape!
    But when the hopes seem fade away... usually the heroes appear! The "Ghost Sweepers" are here! Ready to kick out some clumsy monsters!
    Prepare yourself to face the most fun army of darkness ever seen! Rounded ghosts, laughing pumpkins, creaking skeletons and many other weird creatures are waiting for you!

    8 Different Worlds
    1 Hidden World
    8 Levels for each world
    Hidden levels
    2 Different Heroes
    Customized User Interface
    Bluetooth gamepad support.

    Dyna Bomb
    Dyna Bomb is an amazing action game, if you are looking for a progressive increase of difficulty, a lot of different enemies and some very hard levels this is the game for you.
    The game is designed to be played from everyone. Practice is the best way to become the perfect flying bomber man.
     Each of the 8 worlds contain 8 levels plus an extra hidden level. Collect the key and reach the door to complete a level, don't miss diamonds but be careful with enemies and traps. Very nice environments and backgrounds, many different power ups and much more to give hours of pure fun. Each button of the control system can be moved to offer to each player the perfect feeling.

    * 8 Different World

    * 8 Different Levels for each worl
    * Hidden Level on each worl
    * More than 10 power ups
    * Daily reward
    * Custom Control System


    YummY Bubble
    This is a classic puzzle bubble game with some new thing and a endless mode.
    Enjoy the candy world with tons of lollipops and many other things.
    Combine 3 or more bubbles to make them fall down. Play in endless mode and reach the highest score.
    Game Features:
    * Endless mode.
    * Rainbow bubble to eliminate all kind of bubbles of a touched bubble.
    * World Online Leaderboard.
    How to play YummY Ball:
    Use your finger to select your angle, leave the finger to shoot the bubble.
    Match 3 or more of the same bubble to create a chain and gain a score.
    10 point for each bubble up to 3 bubbles, extra points for bigger chains.

    Sloot Slot
    Sloot Slot has arrived and you will never find a more attractive slot machine than in this sexy casino game.

    Play the game Sloot Slot with sexy and beautiful girls on show. Try your luck and gamble but gamble wisely, at the right moment and by taking the right choices in some of the sexy mini-game you will be surprised at what you see!
    Play a 5 reels sexy slot machine with multiple win-lines, make combinations of King, aces... or perhaps sexy panties.
    You need to be both lucky and skilled! If you earn enough money you can challenge some of ours beautiful sexy ladies and……..maybe make her lose some clothes! To see all the girls in just their panties will make the game we are sure a long and enjoyable one!

    If your credit goes to zero, we will give you some free, so don't worry...
    Sloot Slot is a sexy humorous game so don't take it too seriously.



    Summer Slot
    A sweet and nice slot machine, enjoy your time with cocktails and fruits in a sunny beach...

    Free coins every 4 hours.
    Gamble option.
    Minigames and much more.





    Furry Run! Run!
    The Bricks are back again... Help Furry and friends to defeat them.

    Endless running game with a lot of collectibles items and powers.
    4 Characters, Furry, Massi, Leo, Elle, each one with a unique power. Select one between them to reach your highest score.
    Red and Green Apples will help you to increase your score but not only. Discover their powers.
    Become a giant, slide under walls and jump into the sky running on a Rainbow!

    How far you can go?


      Smash Ghosts
    Ghosts everywhere and not a Ghostbuster in sight? Easy, hire Smash Ghosts!

    Banish the ghosts that haunt the Count's castle with the power of your fingers! Steal their diamonds and becomes more and more powerful to fight back against these mischievous spirits.
    Use diamonds to enhance your powers!

    Alter time, stop it or extend it for more gameplay!
    Levels are like the night but be careful because the night is short!
    How many do you can smash before the time runs out?

    In this one touch game, hit as many enemies as you can. Starting with one minute and depending on the number of enemies you crush earn extra time.

    By using the diamonds in the store you can increase your powers. They say that there is Blind Luck but if you are given a helping hand it will not hurt. Improving your powers improves your luck and good objects will appear more often. However… Look out! There are also negative powers which will hinder your progress.




    Furry Squash

    Endless growth and expansion of the Bricks is pushing wildlife into the corners of forests and it’s about time we fought back… well that’s what Furry thinks! However he cannot do it without help and you seem just the right person. We will fight together to defeat the Bricks! On to glory!
    What can we do you may ask. You can provide guidance and wisdom on how to attach the 10 different types of Bricks in the world. There are 11 different powers to catch and use and if you need them sooner they can always be found in the shop.
    Using a selection of up to three of the powers, they will aid you in defeating the Bricks! In fact the choice will be monumentally important as the choice will aid your victory. Without them… who knows?
    Take up the fight with Furry! Push the Bricks back into the land they have come from! Victory for Squirrels everywhere!!!



    Slot Saloon

    Slot Saloon, a slot machine by 7 Raven Studios. One of the best Slot Machines ever made. Play our slot machine and have hours of gambling fun. It’s FREE!




    7 Slot

    7 Slot, the slot machine of 7 Raven Studios. One of the best Slot Machines ever made. Play our slot machine and have hours of gambling fun. It’s FREE!



    666 Panda's Number

    A classic 80's game with 100 different levels and amazing musics made by the mighty Amiga composer, Ray Norrish. 
    13 different towers each with different graphic set.
    Hidden objects and Hidden levels
    Many different type of enemies



    There is an alien invasion happening! Use your equipment to survive by killing the enemy.
    Invasion uses augmented reality to give you a fantastic game experience. Try it on iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPod Touch(4th gen) for the best results. Use the gyroscope and the camera to get the maximum gameplay but it can also run on devices that don’t support Camera or Gyroscope with different configurations. 


    Astronica (In development)
    The Earth's resources are finished and the humans have just discovered some new planets. The migration is just started, help them to arrive safe to their new destination..



     Available for iPhone/iPod/iPad iOS 3.0 or later

    Fly through many different levels to help the bees to recover all their honey jars. Be careful to your enemies and collect flowers to gain an useful speed boost..



    Available for iPhone/iPod/iPad iOS 3.0 or later

    Android on Samsung App and Amazon, Playbook

    The Last Stand: Zombie Apocalypse
    The Last Stand:Zombie Apocalypse is an action game where you must try to survive from zombie hordes through many different areas and 3 difficulty levels.
    Try to kill them to gain money and improve or buy your weapons. 5 different weapons are available each one with own properties.
    Two game modes, Campaign and Survival, that will offer moments of pure adrenaline. All in full 3D.

    Available for iPhone/iPod/iPad iOS 3.0 or later
    Samsung Bada Version available here., Playbook







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